Wednesday, 2 October 2013

INDIA:Wombs for Rent-Inside the 'House of Surrogates' Where Poverty-Stricken Women Carry Babies for Wealthy Foreigners

From BBC;

Surrogacy business is quite booming in India especially in Dr Nanya Patel's clinic situated at rural Gujarat, which houses up to 100 surrogate mothers. Women who carry babies for couples with fertility problems are paid US$8,000 while the doctor gets $28,000.

The (surrogacy) industry believed to be worth over $1billion (£619m) attracts childless couples from all over the world. Couples employ surrogate mothers as nannies and when they are through with all necessary paper work, they separate and take the children back to their respective countries.

The Doctor has several times been accused of running a baby-making factory and exploiting poor women but she doesn't see herself in that light, she considers herself as a feminist who is empowering them to take charge of their lives and improve their future prospects.
"According to many, I am controversial. There have been allegations of baby selling, baby making factory. The surrogates are doing the physical work agreed and they are being compensated for it." She defended.

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