Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Must Read Open Letter To The President of Nigeria

Dear Mr. President, Thank you for accepting the responsibility to assume the highest office of leadership of our dearly loved country Nigeria. I understand such position of authority is usually accompanied by internal and external pressure of which one is expected to act wisely. It is true that the mantle of leadership often appears pleasurable to the citizenry, critics and spectators, but the one whose life has been taken over by leadership spirit knows that he or she is sitting on hot seat. 

Mr. President is not my intention to explain the situation you are already accustomed to, but to remind you of the aoth of office you took before the witness of the Most High Himself, the Creator of heaven and earth. In which you sworn to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria, to protect lives and properties and to provide basic necessity of life for every citizens of which Nigerians living abroad are included.

Yes there are some who may not be satisfied with your acheivements so far - that is the insatiable nature of man. Notwithstanding, you are expected to do more, by setting a new pace for upcoming leaders. 

I know 2015 is around the corner and many things has been said and done ahead of the electionary year. But you must maintain your composure as to not allow yourself to be swayed by political sycophants and hypocrites whose belly is their god and are enemy of peace and development in Nigeria. Please Mr. President, I am making this appeal to you based on my growing concern and burning desire to see Nigeria rise up to take her rightful place of leading the Continent Africa into her long awaited position of becoming a major influence in the global scene. 

This is mine greatest concern Mr. President: Nigerians living in Europe are really in dire and pressing need of rescue and rehabilitation, I speak in terms of the majority I meet everyday not to talk about those wasting in prisons. I have travelled across several member states of the European union, it appears to me that everywhere I visited Nigerians seems to have the same problems and seeks the same solution. 

It is no longer a secret that Nigerians are the most confined and marginalized people among the black race living in Europe. Reason been that Nigerians over the years have inheritted for themselves a bad social image that has placed strict and harsh European watch light upon them. This has translated to Nigerians living under deplorable and unimaginable conditions in Europe. I spoke with many who has confessed that they are tired and frustrated with the life they are living here that it will be better for them to be deported back to Nigeria. But they cannot bring themselves forward to be deported without something to fall back on, as it will be better for them to die in Europe than to face the shame of redicle back home. 

I am writing this letter with great heaviness in my heart for my brothers and sisters, who if we are asked to pass judgment on them, might be tempted to say they deserved what they get. But that doesn't mean allowing them to rot and waste in Europe is the best thing to do either. This is why I am seeking your your heart of love and assistance towards your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters living abroad that you make Nigeria safe: by creating enabling environment that can accommodate those who might want to return home.

Mr. President, so many of these Nigerians are heavily gifted and talented, but find themselves in a state that their potentials don't really mean anything to them anymore. Hence, you are raised to be a savior in such a time as this in the history of Nigeria. With the divine mandate to gather Nigerians that are scattered all over the world back home, by putting in place vissible development projects, structures and pragrammes that are geared towards providing stable electricity supply, safe motorable roads connecting rural dwellers with urban, drinkable water, shelter, accessible healthcare and security. 
Long Live Nigerians in Diaspora 

Long Live Mr. President

Long Live Fed. Republic of Nigeria

Ibhaluobe A. Goodness 
President: Zion Wings Ministries Kft
ll Rakoczi Ferenc ut 50-56 7/88, 1211 Budapest, Hungary.
Tel/Fax: +3617083843

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