Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Badoo, Olamide's GF Started From The Bottom With Him So He's Sticking With Her

What a humble and loyal friend and boyfriend. Apparently Olamide's GF, Aisha has been with him before all the fame and fortune and he still wants her right by his side. "No new friend.." as he says in the picture post below. 
 He is a rich and successful rap star now yet, you hardly see him without his love of many years Aisha Sulaiman. The reason isn't far fetched. She started from the bottom...  here is what he said".....
"My celebrity crush forced me to swim Aisha Sulaiman ... Looool .. My madam since I been rolling around with Okada ... atewo ati ariwo for my nigga lol chop1kiss"

What a lucky girl....Many guys dump their old girlfriends at the first taste of fame...

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