Monday, 28 October 2013

Maheeda Is Back!!! See Why Her 1st Account Was Shut Down By Instagram 18+ Only

Looks like the arms of the social media law has finally caught up with the infamous Maheeda. Like Nigerians will say 'God Don Catch Am', Maheeda has felt the full wrath of the Instagram police as she has been slapped with a ban for doing what she knows best which is sharing nu*e photos. For more details on who Maheeda is click HEREHEREHERE & HERE. Her Instagram account has since been deleted. Sometime last night, 27th October, 2013, she put up some nude photos of herself on her Instagram page ‘for her fans’. In one of the images, which showed an exposed male member who appears to be wanking with her photo, she expressed that the photo was of a fan worshipping at her church on Sunday’.

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Weeks ago, she put up her BBM PIN and it has been over working with millions of requests from fans wanting to see more of her nudity and possibly send more ranchy pictures. 

But, in the wee hours of 28th October, 2013, the social media website was forced to take down her account due to a breach of its laws and regulations. Nudity is not permitted on the website.

Here’s what Maheeda had to say about it via Twitter:

Meanwhile, Maheeda decided to open up another account but we hope she’s learnt a lesson or two about her antics on the social media website. Those interested in the new page see below: 

She she tells reason why she does what she does...

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