Thursday, 31 October 2013

SHAMFUL!!! Nigerian Lady Faked Her Death After Stealing From Her Ghanaian Friend

Jessica left & Ruth on the right
Really strange story culled from Stella's blog. The extent of the deceit and mistrust is the reason people don't help one another anymore for fear of been duped or taken advantaged of. Yes, this is just a story from one party, we hope Ruth would reply or come after reading this.

Read Story below:
"Am Jessica Shalom Torkornoo from Ghana. A friend from Nigeria introduced your blog to me.  She asked me to send my story to you that you will be kind to help me out.

I schooled and grew up in Nigeria. My family relocated to Ghana in 2006. I am a fashion designer with my own company, JESSICATORKS CLOTHING. Early this year, i placed an advert on my page for workers, tailors and a personal assistance to be specific. Then i got a message from an old school mate of mine, Ruth Abu.(Christ the King International School, Gbagada) that she wants to work in the fashion industry and working with me will be a privilege so i offered to help. 
She came to Ghana in may 2013 and stayed in a guest house for two weeks. After which she tried looking for a permanent accommodation due to mounting bills at the guest house, but she had no money. As a result she had to resort to sleeping in my shop awaiting money her boyfriend was supposed to send her for rent. I was very unhappy about it so i spoke with my parent about it. 
This paved way for her to enjoy the safety and comfort of sharing my room with me,including feeding, just for a couple of weeks. This turned into months and gradual became acceptable, automatically making her a part of my family.
n September, i decided to rent a place for myself and some other worker of mine, including Ruth. This was part of my expansion drive for my company and workers in general, who might have problems. We finally got a place big enough for all of us. We made a part payment. 

The day we where going to make the final payment, we noticed there was a problem with the house which we did not notice at first. There was hence a refund of the initial payment, which was to be used to secure a more suitable place. This task was left to Ruth to execute.
She finally got a new place. Payment was on the 15/10/2013. But i could not make it because i hard another appointment. Unfortunately, she could not make the payment that day. 
Only for me to ask for the money on 16/10/2013 . 7, 200 Ghana cedis in total and 5000 was missing out of the money. We tried searching for the money in the house but there was no luck. All her actions and the story of how the money  got missing became very suspicious.

I  Insisted i needed the money to secure the house so i don't loose it.  Then she offered to help in getting the money. That she called her mother to transfer the money. We waited till the day she promised the transfer will be done,which was 18/10/2013. Nothing happened. Then asked for Monday to do the transfer which should have been 21/102013. Only for use to go church on Sunday, 20/10/2013, she told me she was going to buy chewing gum.

 we have not seen Ruth Abu till date leaving her bag in the church with me. When i got home and opened her bag, she hard her cloth and everything you can think of for a trip. It done on me she hard run away with my money leaving all her cloth in my room. I tried getting all her document to see if i can get through to her parents, i realised all her documents were gone as well. Please, i just need your platform to help in locating her. 

I considered her a sister. Came calling for my help here in Ghana, i didn't hesitate. I gave her a job and accommodation till she decided to disappear with thousands of money intended for the expansion of the company i put years of sacrifices and sweat in.
This are my contacts if any body has any information that could help in locating her help. +233 0206710122. 0269612757.  you can find me on facebook as  Jessica shalom torks.

Please i have attached photos of Ruth Abu . Age, 26.
 i know you will want to get the facts of this story straight before you put it on your platform. Please contact me if you have any questions. God bless you.

I did not think it was important to show you this but after reading some of the comments on your the post, i figured i should.
 She normally uses my phone to brows. Unfortunately for her, she left her face book open on my i checked it on sunday when she was not showing up.there was  no activity.i sent her lots of messages since she was my friend on fb,  she did not respond, on monday, which was the following day,  i checked her messages. This is what i saw. I immediately took a pic of it.cos i Knew sooner orlater she would log me out. 

Because she found out i had browsed her page, the following day i tried opening her page again i could not.  I found out she also blocked the lady that asked me to get in touch with you. And sent her a very funny message which she took a pic of and sent to me,funny msg below. 
After i got the message, i called her sister to find out if she hard seen her sister Ruth.just to be sure of what i read from the lady. And she said her sister was on her way to her (iloren) i also asked her if she sent a message on behalf of her sister to somebody through fb saying she was dead. She said no. She obviously did not know."

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