Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kanye West Reunites Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Kanye is full of love for Kim Kardashian, and he wants that love to spread to Khloe and Lamar, so he invited Lamar to attend his Oct. 28 concert in Los Angeles.
Kanye West can do no wrong! Now that he and Kim Kardashian are love bugs for life, he’s trying to get Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom in the mix, asking Lamar to “come out” and be with Khloe and see him perform in concert, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
A source connected to the sixth man tells us that Kanye extended an invitation to Lamar and wanted him to reunite with Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian family at hisYeezus concert.
“Kanye told Khloe to tell Lamar to ‘come out and see me’ and ‘be with family and Khloe,’ the source explains. ”It was good for him to be around his family, especially Khloe. They’re talking and had a good time last night.”
While Khloe, 29, and Lamar, 33, aren’t living under the same roof, we’re told the couple exhibited definite signs of passion at the concert.
“They boogied together to Kanye’s music and flirted back and fourth just like they used to,” the source adds. “It was their little date night, and Lamar enjoyed Khloe. He told her he loved her, kissed her and she was receptive. But he’s still got a lot of work to do.”
It sure is good to see Khloe and Lamar back together, even if it’s just for one night. Small steps, people. Small steps.

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