Monday, 14 October 2013

Tune Change: I Don’t Owe The Niger Delta- Asari Dokubo

Ex-militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, who got to National prominence by claiming that he was fighting for the people of the Niger Delta is now singing a new song. As part of the fall out of the Amnesty programme he got a fat contract from President Goodluck Jonathan’s government worth billions.
He has now established his own University in Benin Republic and many are complaining that the Niger Delta people are still poor but Asari and other militants leaders are living large. The ex-militant is not ready to listen to such complains. Asari said he doesn’t owe the Niger Delta people accountability. In his words:
    “I don’t owe anybody. I have nothing to put back anywhere. I worked hard and made my fortune mainly from outside the Niger Delta and Nigeria.”

In a post he made on CKN Nigeria blog on Saturday night, while reacting to criticisms that greeted news of his new university, Asari said he is helping people, hence no one should accuse him.
“I do what I am doing – impacting on the lives of people around me because I owe that to myself,” he wrote.

He said: “I have never stolen in my entire 50 years. I have never been elected into any government office to appropriate resources on behalf of the people. Even when I was appointed as a member of the Rivers state Muslim pilgrim welfare board….I left the board without a stain.”
However, some Niger Deltans are saying since Asari got his contract he is getting richer at their expense.

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