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Most Nigerian Men Aren’t Romantic — Chelsea Eze

Chelsea Eze, 24 years, obtained her degree in English Language from the University of Maiduguri, she began her journey into the world of acting and has had a number of lucky breaks since then. Her role in her first movie, Silent Scandals,earned her an AMAA (African Movie Awards) nomination in the same year, 2009. She went on to win the award the following year as the Most Promising Actress, AMAA 2010. She also won Best Upcoming Actress, Zaffa Awards 2010 and Revelation of the Year, Best of Nollywood Awards 2010. She has featured in hit movies Two Brides and a Baby, Twist and Timeless Passions setting herself apart as an actress to reckon with. She tells Ademola Olonilua of Punch about her career and love life.
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Asides movies what do you have a passion for?
I have a passion for movie production and singing. As someone in the arts, it is necessary to master a few other things relating to the arts, for instance other languages, martial arts, singing  and many more. So yes, I think singing would come in handy for me as an actress at some point.

Would you say you are a better singer than an actress?
I can’t really say. In fact,I wouldn't know.

We have seen actresses delving into music, is such in your future plans?
It is not a Plan B per say. It is just an area I think I might want to explore.

If you were to choose a male Nigerian singer to do collaboration with, who would you choose?
I certainly would choose M.I and it is because I like his versatility. I like soulful music, techno and even country music. But I have no streamlined genre for now.

How has it been for a fast rising actress like you in the industry?
It has been quite a journey. There have been so many ups and downs, which are expected but in all, I give glory to God. Being an actress has its perks. You work and people appreciate your work through awards given to you. Thankfully, I have a few of such awards. Certain doors are opened on the premise of being an actress. For me, one of the downsides is the endless scrutiny from others.  People who do not know you personally but feel they know you because they see you in the movies, constantly try to figure out what you are about and they judge you based on what they have in their heads. That can be very difficult to handle at times.

How often do you find time for friends and do you still hang out with friends who knew you before stardom?
I try to do that really, I do. Old friends are still the best of friends. We are still true to each other and there is no inferiority complex. I always have time for my friends.

How often do you get hit on by men?
I don’t know.  I haven’t been keeping record but it happens quite a lot.

Would you mind sharing some hilarious pick-up lines you have heard from guys?
One time this guy walks up to me after church actually and says, ‘Hi, my name is Mr. X. I'm building a house just for the two of us. I want you to be my wife. In fact, I see you as my wife already.’ And then he shows me the picture of ‘the house’ he’s building. There was a time, another guy saw me at the mall and said, ‘If you let me, I won’t make you wait for years’. I was confused at first; apparently the line was based on a movie he had seen me in. In that movie, I was engaged to a guy for a long time. Another one once told me, ‘I call you baby oku (hot baby) because you make me hot baby’. I tell you, I have heard so many ridiculous pick-up lines.

What’s your greatest aspiration in life?
I aspire to be the best there can be in any and everything I find myself doing. A very close friend always says, ‘There is a place called forward and that is where we are headed’. So it is a continuous movement. In the end, I aspire to create and live a legacy that would live on even after me.
Assessing your life so far, are you impressed or depressed with yourself?
I can never be depressed with myself. I'm happy that I have come this far. That pushes me to always push further. I can’t go back now. I've come too far to back down.

What is the craziest thing a male fan has done to you?
I don’t think there’s any for now. At least none is coming to mind.

Would you mind featuring in Yoruba movies or even Hausa movies since you were once based in the North?
Yes. I'm actually looking forward to doing movies like that especially a Hausa movie or a movie that requires me to speak a different language. Watch out, I just might be doing something like that soon. I can’t talk so much about that for now. That’s the challenge that I'm looking forward to. I think every actor wants to do something out of their comfort zone. Fear is an amour of the devil. Well, I don’t acknowledge fears. It is of the devil.

What are you currently working on?
I am working on a couple of projects amongst which are films and also television shows.

You once said you have 30 pairs of shoes, what’s your closet like?
Well since I'm not living in my personal house yet, I converted two rooms into a closet.

Are you in any relationship right now?
Yes I am seeing someone.

Do you find Nigerian guys romantic?
I don’t think the average Nigerian guy understands romance but I know a few who are.

What’s the most romantic and unromantic thing a guy has done for you?
The most romantic thing was a guy flying from a very far place to come support me on a day that I needed him so much. I can’t think of any unromantic one right now.

Source: The Punch Online

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