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Makosi, Joy Bewaji And 'The Book' Saga

Joy Bewaji is a Nigerian OAP and publicist who was supposedly approached by Ex Big Brother UK housemate Makosi Musambasi. Bewaji accused Makosi of stealing her manuscript. Read the whole saga below.

Joy's Initial Statement:
"Makosi Musambasi (Big Brother UK housemate) lives in Nigeria and is dying to be a “star”. So I came on board- we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. First she wanted PR for her TV show that was to debut on DSTV, but then she got entangled in other activities. Four months later and Makosi is back with that itch- to become a superstar! She is unhappy that she is not on billboards, endorsing brands, gracing the red carpet, surrounded by swarm of fans falling all over her; she can’t understand why I can’t get her VVIP tickets, why she is not on the cover of Complete Fashion, why nobody knows her or waves to her when she visits the mall. So I try to explain to her that the Nigerian public would only find you worthy of attention and respect if you build a proper brand- away from reality TV sensationalism.

I gave her a few suggestions. She chose one of them- to write her a book. I picked a title and theme. She loved it. Then I set out to work. But I was obviously running out of (her) time. Four weeks later and Makosi’s itch gets worse- she wants the book out, and she wants it out NOW! But books take time; I needed more time- a few more weeks; but she would have none of that!
So I put together, in 10 days, an inspirational coffee-table nugget book. We held a photo-shoot; at first Makosi said she hated the pictures, then she said she liked them. It was hard keeping up!
When I presented the nugget manuscript, she said she liked it. A few days later, she hated it; screaming that I should give it to some other celebrity- shouting and fuming like a chimney for me to pay back her money. What money? I had invested two months of my life in a project she agreed on, if she suffers bipolar issues then that cannot possibly be my fault. I believed the best thing was to go back to the original script (the one she was too impatient to wait for) and get it done. We were back to square one!
She goes out of circulation. I try to reach her…try to get her to explain her fluctuating disposition. But I couldn’t reach her- for over one month!
I wake up on Saturday, the 28th of September, to find out Makosi is the newest author in town. She published the manuscript she had tossed out of the window literally, the manuscript she said I should give to someone else; because she had the material at her disposal and continuously believes her money (wherever it is coming from) can shield her from the wrath of the law, she published my WORK without my consent or involvement. She threw a bash with friends and celebrities as she launched “her” book. The only problem is- the book isn’t hers. She had rejected it, tossed it aside and said I should give it to someone else; which I did.
Makosi will tell you she has connections and can buy her way out of any situation…and in the same breath regale herself on social media with Bible quotes. I do hope she understands that, regardless of what anyone thinks, Nigeria has a legal system that works, and I plan to make the best use of it."

@MAKOSI I hope, by God, it is not my manuscript you turned into a book that you launched in Abuja?
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
If it is then know that I will be slamming your head through a wall at a legal suit. How desperate can you be? @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
Ever heard d word “thief”? U take an incomplete project…fight ur way out of a biz relationship and now I hear u launched a book? @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
How desperate can you possibly be for fame? How retarded do you think Nigerian publicists/writers are??? @MAKOSI

— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
 I spent over 2months writing ur work, u reject it, tell me to give it to some other celebrity and then u go behind my back &publish @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
@MAKOSI with all the bad press your brand has managed to gather over the years, you top it up with this cheap stunt!
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
 I will see you in court, but before then just so you know: you cant steal someone’s work and go around claiming to be an author! @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
Once a ratchet, always a ratchet. You have no sense of decency! You came to me, I didn’t go looking for you! @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013
And all I have asked is that you be reasonable and professional. You think becos u can finally eat 3 meals a day, u are God? @MAKOSI
— joybewaji (@joybewaji) September 28, 2013

So days after Joy Bewaji came out with the above claims, Makosi has reportedly gathered a legal team and is ready for a court battle.

From Makosi's Camp:
Imanuel Janah reports that a female lawyer representing Makosi has issued a statement rubbishing the claims as ‘malicious and vindictive.’ The lawyer confirmed that Makosi paid Bewaji the sum of N1 500 000 ($9200) at one point, N245 000 ($1500) at another and N350 000 ($2100) and again ($12,800) to ghost-write this book.

“Joy requested for an additional N3,000,000 ($19,300) to ghost write this book, which would have made it a total of N5,000,000 ($32,000),” she said

According to Nehanda Radio, problem erupted when Joy realised who Makosi was after scouring the internet and she decided to ask for more money. Thereafter, Makosi requested that the contract be terminated and Joy refund her money but the publicist refused; claiming she had already started the job and invested a lot in the process.

However, Makosi proceeded to focus her energy on compiling the book “with some influence from her private journal.”

There are documented evidence that Makosi had a deal with Joy and more importantly she was paid to do a job she totally neglected and worse still failed to make a refund.

There is also a counter-claim that Joy made unsuccessful attempts to contact Makosi through third parties, asking to negotiate in a bizarre bid to blackmail her.

So this morning Joy sent mails to some media houses to retract her earlier statements against Makosi. I guess either money moved around or threats were taking seriously or maybe just good old fashioned talk.

Joy's Retraction Statement:
"To address the issues concerning the presentation of the book: “Self Love: The Ultimate Choice” by Makosi, it is imperative to state that there was an absolute breakdown in communication at some point that resulted to a misunderstanding, which escalated to shock, anger and a total fall-out.

We have since been summoned to a round-table dialogue; and all misunderstanding and disagreements have been laid to rest. As it appears, no one has a horn to their head after all.

I do understand the need to “grow above” certain situations, but my first response was to react angrily, and for that I will take a bullet.

At this point, after proper intervention and mediation, I would like to retract my previous letter as it contains scathing remarks that came straight from a point of utter disbelief."

Well written Joy. Perhaps I might just get myself a copy and see what all the fuss is about, or not lol.

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