Thursday, 3 October 2013

Gorillas! Gorillas!! GoGoGorillas!!! So Many, All in One Place to Say Farewell Norwich

Well what can I say that these colourful pictures hasn’t said already? It’s a gorilla time in Norwich. All our gorillas all together in one place (The Forum) and we are saying farewell to them.

GoGoGorillas! Charity Fundraising Auction on Thursday 3 October our 53 wonderful large gorilla sculptures will be auctioned to help raise money for two charities(Break and Born Free Foundation)
The gorillas have gone from the streets and parks of Norwich but they are all back together again at the 4 Day Farewell hosted by The Forum. The preview is currently up and running and will continue until 2 October.

Norwich FC Gorilla
Delivered by local charity break, working with leading arts and education company Wild in Art, the event builds on the success of Wild in Arts previous events: Go Elephants; Rhino Mania; Stroll Discovery Trails.
The Builder
What are u Sir? Circus GoGo?
Transformer & BatGorilla
Ironman or should we say IronGorilla lol
Yes! We do Love Norwich 
Some Colourful Butterflies

Which would you bid for? Could it be the Norwich FC Gorilla, Batman Gorilla, Iron Man Gorilla or The Transformer? You Choose and let us know.

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  1. Wow so colourful, so lovely

  2. I wish to visit Norwich someday looks like a fun place