Thursday, 17 October 2013

Raped and Beaten To A Pulp By A Trusted Friend And Aspiring Politician!

READ THE SHOCKING RAPE STORY OF  A LADY. Whether in  doubt or not please read the story below and lets be careful who we trust

She is said to be presently on admission in hospital. She needs help, encouragement and she needs you to help her find this man who has violated and mutilated her mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please spread this story and let us show displeasure for rape.

She Recounts the shocking story of rape, abuse, torture and near death!

''On October 9,2013 A friend of mine reached me and invited me to come to Benin city for an event, I have known him since 2011 so I thought nothing of it,like no harm can be done after all we go way back and stuff, so I booked my ticket from Lagos and I flew to Benin on the 13th October a Sunday for the event.

After the event we went to chill at a place called Alice hotel in GRA Benin, he had a Suite there and we were with other friends. We all talked, laughed, gisted and all until about 10pm when everyone started leaving gradually,I wanted to call my cab to take me to my own hotel but he kept on insisting on dropping me and I was like even better would save me paying for cab,so I had to wait for everybody to leave before he could drop me because he said he couldn't leave his guests to drop me,so when everyone finally left,I was about to stand up but he was adamant on me still waiting but I finally insisted I needed to go because I was leaving for Lagos early the next morning and couldn't wait any more I had to work the next morning.

When I got up to go,he pulled me and slapped me and asked me to sit, I thought it was a joke at first cos I just couldn't believe it, I brought out my phone to try and call for a taxi,by then I was in shock and angry but he forcefully seized my phone saying I wasn't going anywhere .
he overpowered me and he tied me up in his hotel,stuffed my mouth so I couldn't scream,and he raped me several times …again and again and again.

He said his baba said I was the perfect candidate for his rituals and for his upcoming election to take place properly next year so he would win. I was in shock and in denial, I couldn't even believe it, I have heard stories never thought I would experience it first hand in this cruel way from someone I knew.

Every day for two hours I was raped over and over again by this man , I was still bound and gagged.he beat me up and did all kinds of things to me, I was helpless and cried bitter tears to no avail
because no one could hear me.

On Tuesday evening he came back and rubbed something on his manhood and said that was what his baba gave him to use to have sex with me,that i would loose my womb and good fortune …I begged and cried but he refused .

At midnight when he tried to use what the baba gave him,his manhood refused to come up,he tried over and over again but his manhood didn't function,it just didn't get up again and he hit me in anger many times over but still nothing happened.

He then hurriedly left in annoyance to meet with his baba and in his rush he forgot to lock the door to the suite ,he didn't use the keys but i didn't know this, i was still gagged and bound waiting for him to come back in fear and by 9am on the 16th October morning he wasn't back and the housekeeping came and kept knocking and when no one answered,they went downstairs to get the spare key to open the door but found out the door wasn't even locked. Normally since the time he kept me there he was always there when the housekeeping came and told them he didn't want to be disturbed.

They came in and found me bound and gagged and helped me out. The names he used in filling out the forms were fake names and I am presently in Benin city on admission in hospital.I also suffered injuries untold. This wicked guy is still at large but the police are on a man hunt for him. His wife and children are in Police custody as you read this.

I am sure after raping me he would have probably killed me and dumped my body somewhere and no one would have known how i died….a FRIEND I TRUSTED!

I thank God for my life and ask you to join me in thanksgiving..This is someone i knew and could happen to anyone out there.ladies please be careful who you trust.

Mr Rapist, Please show up from wherever you are to defend yourself and free your wife and kids from Police custody...Please.

*Please forgive any typos,i have been crying and my hands are shaking..i am human after all."

Source:stella dimokokorkus blog

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