Sunday, 20 October 2013

Confusion In Ibadan As Fish Turns Half Human

There was confusion at Akindele Compound, Gege, a hinterland of Ibadan in Ibadan South West Local Government Area of Oyo State over an alleged fish that turned half human.
The mysterious fish was said to have been bought by a middle aged woman, Ramota Salawu, and it attracted hundreds of residents, who struggled to see the fish where it was placed inside water in a brown bucket.
An eyewitness disclosed that the said fish had long white hair with a face having resemblance of a baby, while the trunk bears body of a fish.
Salawu in her narration, said, “I went to where we usually buy fish at Kola Eleja, Oke Ado, Ibadan to buy fish and I boarded Okada to my place to prepare the fish for sale, but, before getting the fish out of the ice-pack, we need to use knife to remove them and use water to defreeze.
“However, I was shocked to see the frozen fish developed into a living being in the water, the description of which showed half human and half fish. I quickly called my father and some Alfas to see the strange fish”, the overwhelmed fish seller said.
The bewildered father of the woman and a retired civil servant, Rauf Salawu, expressed shock at the scene, the kind of which he said he had never seen in his life.
According to him, “it was around 11am, when I started hearing the voice of my daughter while I was resting, shouting and screaming, such that people in the compound were attracted. Then, I decided to check what the problem.
“On getting there, my daughter has gone to call Sheu, a Muslim leader in the neighbourhood. I saw the strange fish inside water in the bucket; how can a fish bought in the cold room develop into human. That I cannot fully explain”, the old man said.
At the scene, there was heavy presence of police men from the Mapo Police Station to control the crowd and maintain peace and order, a development that infuriated the crowd, which resisted their presence at the scene.
The fish seller was taken away by the police in company of some relatives at exactly 2.40pm to disperse the large crowd of onlookers.
All efforts to get the reaction of the police command in the state proved abortive as the call put through to the spokesperson, Olabisi Ilobanefor, was not picked.

Source: DailyIndependent

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