Sunday, 3 November 2013

Over 30 Killed & 200 Wounded In Anambra Church/ Political Campaign Mayhem

More than 100,000 people were said to be gathered at the venue of the incident, with facilities that can hardly take 5,000 people, when the stampede occurred. The tragic incident has already become political, as the camps of Governor Peter Obi and Senator Chris Ngige are trading blame over the incident.
About 200 victims that survived the stampede were taken hospitals in Onitsha and Nkpor where a lot of them were treated and discharged.

In the early hours of today November 2nd, 2013 at the Holy Ghost Adoration Ground after All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) started campaign at the prayer house at Uke town in Anambra State where one of the biggest Catholic prayer groups in Anambra is located, there was serious disaster caused by the campaigning group few minutes after.

According to reports, Gov Peter Obi, Willie Obiano and the APGA team had entered the ground to campaign but when the audience opposed them, his people rushed the crowd, beating women and some men like babies.

This hooligans of Gov. Ngige caused a stampede that eventually got a lot of worshippers injured. 

At the end of the mayhem caused, over 28 corpses were seen littered on the grounds. An estimate of over 200 were injured. A large percent of the dead and injured are believed to be Ngige supporters.

Further reports, according to an eyewitness states that:

Peter Obi,Willie Obiano and the APGA team left the Adoration ground around 3 or 4 am in the morning while the incident happened at the end of the adoration service. 

After the final blessings and as people will slowly marching to the exit, a mole; supposedly someone positioned at the exit to raise the alarm, started shouting fire fire fire fire from the outside of the arena. 

Given the large number of people slowly moving out of the ground, they hurriedly began rushing back into the adoration ground to avoid the fire; a fire which many of them didn't even see. 

This caused many of them to be wounded and I was lucky nothing happened to people close to me. Some fainted while others lost consciousness. 

When the stampede subsided, the bodies were gathered and were prayed for. Many of them rose up after the prayers and sprinkling of the holy water while the remaining were taken to Crown Hospital while one was taken to St. Charles Borromeo hospital Onitsha. 

Many of the unconscious are regaining stability as at now and we thank God that some professed dead are returning to life; this has brought some amount of joy in front of Crown hospital. 

This is an individual report and has nothing to do with any political party. This is the state of things and how it occurred at Uke. 

Bodies numbering between 10 and 30 were carried away from the ground but official statistics and reports is yet to be released from the Adoration ground or from the hospital.

 See more photos below;  Viewer discretion is advised.....

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