Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nollywood Actress With Overdue Pregnancy Delivered By TB Joshua

Controversial Man of God with speciality in miracles TB Joshua, has done it again. His church seems to be a one stop location for Nollywood stars in distress. He is said to have delivered the likes of late Enebeli Elebuwa , Camilla Mgberekpe, Jim Iyke etc. Now its actress Nneoma Ukpabi.
Mrs Nneoma Ukpabi is a Nollywood actress who had the problem of an overdue pregnancy (now 10 months). She had previously undergone two Caesarians for her other children. She was again booked for an operation for the third time because her placenta could not support the baby.

The doctor stated that she could not undergo normal labour because it could become life threatening. A lady encouraged her to pray and believe in God and brought out the Anointing Water stating that it was from the SCOAN. The lady ministered it to her in the name of Jesus Christ and 15 minutes later the first stage of labour took place as blood and water gushed out.
She was taken to the hospital where she later delivered the baby safely without operation. The doctor was surprised that she delivered the baby safely without the operation she was booked for. She is now happy with her two months old baby girl. Well many said "What a miracle"! I would keep it simple by saying glad she gave birth safe. 

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