Sunday, 3 November 2013

"It Will Take 10 Policemen To Handle 1 Nigerian" - Indian Police

This is the funniest thing I've heard all day, I knew Nigerians were strong but not this strong!, its funny how other people view us, I know this is very little and not worthy of praise but the fact Nigerians are this strong should be a bit comforting.

Nigerians are "seven feet" tall, are "huge and aggressive" and it needs anywhere between two to 10 Goa Police personnel to tackle each of them. That's why, says Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, the police could not reign in an irate mob of Nigerians that blocked a key highway, beat up policemen and vandalised a police van after one of their compatriots was found murdered.

"They are huge and aggressive. Some of them are seven feet tall. It would take at least 100 of our policemen to handle a crowd of 50 Nigerians," Parrikar told reporters, when he was asked why the police force did not make any effort for nearly an hour to clear National Highway-17 that was blocked Thursday by bare-torsoed, muscled Nigerians armed with hockey sticks, bamboos and knives.

The Nigerians were demanding that the autopsy on the deceased Obinna Obiwesi be conducted in the presence of the Nigerian ambassador in India.

The murder, the Nigerian protestors claimed, had been committed by a gang called Chapora boys, a notorious underground drug mafia operating in north Goa, and the police had been unwilling to act against the alleged murderers, who were locals. They blocked the highway by dumping the corpse bang in the middle of the road after smashing open the police hearse and extracting the body from it.

The brazen manner in which Goa Police officers were cowered down in public by a group of 50 well-built Nigerians (the mob later swelled to nearly 200) and Parrikar's continued dogged defence of the state police has evoked an extremely strong reaction in the social media as well as among people across sections.

The mob not only threatened and warded off over 20 policemen, including Superintendent of Police (North) Priyanka Kashyap, but also told the latter off in a verbal duel.

The intimidation was such that Parrikar, himself claimed that he saw one "herculesque Nigerian" who he believed would need 10 Goa policemen to control.

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