Sunday, 3 November 2013

Chris Brown To Be Jailed For Two Years- MTO Reports

 According to MTO, Chris Brown could be in jail for two years. Could this be true?
" just spoke with a very well placed insider - inside the Los Angeles Probation Department - and they tell us that they will ask that Chris Brown be taken to jail immediately  for two years..
The insider told us that the decision has already been made - they want Chris in jail for two years. And the department is working on a brief as we speak - to ensure that Chris gets locked up.
According to our insider, there is not much that Chris Brown can do about it either. They explained, "[Chris] lawyer can't really stop him from getting locked up. Only the judge can save Chris . . . but no one expects that to happen."
According to our insider Chris is expected to be locked up as early as next week".

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