Friday, 8 November 2013

Busiest Maternity Ward - Women Sleep Five To A Bed - 100 Babies Are Born Daily

The BBC recently aired a documentary about a maternity hospital "the world's busiest maternity ward"  in the Philippines where women share a bed with 4 or 5 other women and their babies, and where the experienced midwife who serves as the chief nurse might have delivered upwards of 200,000 babies in the past 28 years.

The hospital is the Dr Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in

Manila which serves a slum named Tondo, and is built on a rubbish dump. 300 mothers arrive at the hospital everyday and have to also share a delivery room with at least five other birthing women.


One of the women featured in the documentary is having her 7th child. I don't want to judge these women's choices, who I understand are mostly Roman Catholics and so are not permitted by their church to use contraception. But I wonder if there aren't other natural means to plan your family so that you're not overwhelmed or sink deeper into poverty?

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